Play Fan game Among Us Single Player

Among Us Single Player

Among Us, the game has been released for two years, but has just received a huge surge in popularity. Among Us is one of the top ten Steam bestsellers. This is not a new invention or genre of game, given the many board games that have served this market for decades, but these days they are offered less and less, there are still a lot of virtual games that bring people together, crowding out impostors among us.

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We want to share with you a game that is made by a fan under the nickname KlopityL. This fan version Among Us Single Player is very similar to the original Among Us. You, along with the other astronauts, will be on a spaceship. Each of you is painted in your own color, someone in red, and there are other colors. You will need to do to stay alive yourself. This will be extremely difficult to do, but you have excellent skills that allow you to destroy traitors. You can teleport through special hatches, and this is necessary in order to unexpectedly approach enemy forces. Walk through the compartments of the spacecraft, there you can both hide and turn on something so that it will be easier for you in the future.

Fan version game Among Us Single Player (Created by KlopityL)

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