Shell Shockers

You are armed with snipers, pistols, RPeggie, grenades and many other weapons as you battle across many worlds to achieve supreme yolk. You need to fight with eggs. Good luck!

Shell Shockers io

Play Shell Shockers ( for a chance of being a hostile egg killer! Pick your favorite class before jumping into the arena full of egg killers directed by other real human players. Arm yourself with dangerous weapons, such as Scramble Shotgun, EggK47 then use them wisely to battle against others.

You move around the map trying to hunt down the enemies, kill them quickly when they get in your sight while protecting yourself against from their attacks. You should beware of the amount of your ammo since the weapon only has a restricted supply. Hence, you are supposed to gather more supplies scattered over the ground, or you can collect them from dead rivals.

In, you have to always observe the surroundings because you have no idea when the enemies attack and crack you. Show no mercy to everyone! You must fight for the top spot on the leaderboard, which gives you a chance to become the best egg killer!

About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is an egg-ceptionally good time. Whoever said that war never changes doesn't know what they are talking about and probably never played See, is war game much like we've seen before: first person, arena, variety of items, upgrades, and weapons. But friend, here is the twist: You're an egg! That's right, your character that goes through the game and is firghting for life or death is straight up aan egg! Unbelievable!

The art is amazing of course, the animation is smooth, and you'll have a variety of different items, weapons, and upgrades which you can use to augment your already egg-given abilities and take on players from around the world! Since this is an io game you'll basically be playing agaisnt real flesh and blood people, not AI and not non player characters. This means your strategy and your tactics are going to have to be top notch because believe us when we say that your opponenets will be bringing it! The leaderboard is thee final tally for who matters and who doesn't.

Shell Shockers io gives you the ability to prove yourself to dozens and dozens of eggs around the world. So, don't get too scrambled as you play this thematic war game.

Shellshock io

Shell Shockers is a multiplayer first-person-shooter game featuring egg characters. In the game, the player takes control of a violent egg armed with a shotgun and enters the arena. It is a real-time multiplayer game featuring battles with other players from around the world.

Blue Wizard Digital has brought a fun new title to the io genre and the name of the game is egg combat. Jump into the game and select your character name, egg type and game mode. In this game you must work hard to protect yourself and dish out damage to opposing eggs. Try out each game mode and see if you can conquer the shell shockers arena. Some gamers even stream their gameplay live so you could become famous!

Shell Shockers Game modes

There are three awesome game modes to pick: free for all, teams, and capture the spatula:

  • Free for all pits you against everyone else in the arena: every egg for themselves.

  • Teams allow players to fight with other fellow egg players and try to eliminate the opposing team. It's a no-holds-barred deathmatch where only one team of eggs can win.

  • Capture the spatula is a fun twist on the famous capture the flag mode.

Shell Shockers Weapons

Players can pick from 6 different egg classes: scrambler, free ranger, eggsploder, whipper, crackshot and soldier. Each class has a different weapon and varied skills. Crackshot, for example, carries a sniper rifle and has excellent accuracy. Alternatively, eggsploder wields a deadly rocket launcher and has maximum damage output. Other notable weapons include the machine gun, and a rifle a shotgun. Players must utilize different skills to use the various items. For example, a machine gun requires great accuracy, whereas a shotgun is a close quarters weapon.

Shell Shockers Developer

Shell Shockers is developed by Blue Wizard Digital (formerly known as the Egg and Dairy Ministry of Belarus). They have also developed other games such as Slayaway Camp and Space Tyrant.

Shell Shockers Tips & Tricks

  • You can hide in the boxes!

  • Think about an attack strategy.

  • Make sure you recognize the three different egg-soldiers: Soldier, Scrambler and Free Ranger.

  • Collect packs of eggs in order to increase the number of bullets.

Shell Shockers Unblocked

Did you know that in some schools, workplaces, and hospitals, sites such as CrazyGames are blocked? This is why many people can't relax during a break with amazing games like the shell game! Luckily we thought of a solution and launched an unblocked version of our website. If you want to play Shell Shockers unblocked hurry up and go to the unblocked version of Crazygames!